Day Trip to the Minas Basin

Minas Basin Day Trip

Minas Basin Day Trip

August 16/2007

Finally the weather was just perfect for the long planned trip to the Bay of Fundy and the Minas Basin. It was not too hot and not to cold, just right.

I really like the satellite picture, from 1975, I found on the net of the area at the Canadian Government Resource site.

We left after the rush hour was almost over at 9 am and had very little traffic going North on the 101 towards Windsor and Wolfville. Just after Wolfville we took the turnoff to the right onto route 358 and followed it to the end.

First the road crosses the valley and then at Canning it makes a turn towards the hills separating the Bay of Fundy and the valley. On top of the hill was our first stop at a place called the Look Off. The view was just breathtaking. To the West spread out the Annapolis valley and to the East are the tidal flats of the Minas Basin. Today low tide was around 10 am and that added to the colors of the landscape. The tidal flats are a rusty brown color.

view from the Look Off

view from the Look Off

I really wanted to go the Bay of Fundy, so we got back in the car and kept on driving. The further North we got the more the sun pulled a disappearing act and by the time we reached Scotts Bay at the Bay of Fundy we were surrounded by heavy fog, a real pea souper as they say here. There was no reason to take any pictures as there was plain nothing to see. So we turned around and drove back the way we came. As we were reaching again the top of the hills, the sun came back out and the weather stayed that way all day long.

Halfway between Scotts Bay and the Look Off we took a dirt road down to Blomidon Provincal Park our next destination.

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