Halifax – Toronto – Zurich … Let’s Go

Halifax from the air

Halifax from the air

June 12/2002

Our trip begins in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the International airport. The population of Halifax is around 350,000 roughly equal to the population of Zurich, Switzerland with 343,000.

On September 11, 2001 over 40 airplanes were parked on the runways waiting to continue their flights.

There are no direct flights to Switzerland so we have to backtrack to Toronto, 786 miles (1266 km).

This was my view of the Halifax airport from the plane through a somewhat hazy window. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much of a view of the earth below as everything was under a nice fluffy looking blanket of clouds.

When we arrived in Toronto is was drizzling and cloudy. Toronto has about 2,5 million inhabitants.

Our 8 hour plus flight to Zurich took us along a northerly route over Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, south of Greenland and Iceland, northern Ireland, London and down to Zurich as there was turbulence on the usual more southerly route.

On our way to Zurich

On our way to Zurich



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