Blomidon Provincial Park

August 16/2007 We had no problem finding the park. As with most parks there are great hiking trails to explore the area, but today all we wanted to do was to walk on the shore. With the enormous difference between […]

May 2009 Photos

A mix of nature pictures and craft creations. [lg_folder folder=”picaday09/365_n0905″ cols=”3″ paging=”true”]

April 2009 Photos

The ice is gone from the lake and the first spring flowers are appearing. [lg_folder folder=”picaday09/365_n0904″ cols=”3″ paging=”true”]

March 2009 Photos

It looks like winter is on its way out. [lg_folder folder=”picaday09/365_n0903″ cols=”3″ paging=”true”]

February 2009 Photos

Still have a few days without pictures when I forgot to take one [lg_folder folder=”picaday09/365_n0902″ cols=”3″ paging=”true”]

2009 in 365 Pictures Gallery

This year I decided to take at least one picture a day if possible. See the world through my eyes through this gallery. All photos are available as a postcard at my marketplace. [lg_gallery]

January 2009 Photos

I tried to take a picture every day,  but did not quite succeed as I had not quite gotten into the routine. Enjoy the pictures! [lg_folder folder=”picaday09/365_n0901″ cols=”3″ paging=”true”]

Salt Marsh Trail – 2002

Exploring the Salt Marsh Trail – March 31, 2002 The rain has stopped and the temperature has risen to around 10°C, so we decide to go to the beach. What we did not take into consideration is the water temperature […]

West Lawrencetown – 2001

West Lawrencetown – June 24/2001. Being new to the area we love to explore. It took us sometime to figure out how to get to West Lawrencetown. We knew about Rainbow Haven which is across from here. It looks just […]