Salt Marsh Trail – 2011

Revisiting the Salt Marsh Trail. This time we decided to hike the Salt Marsh Trail in summer. The forecast called for 29°C, so we left early and started our 2 hours hike at 9:30 am when it was still pleasant. […]

Maynard Lake Revisited – July 2011

Where has the time gone. I just realized that the last time we walked around Maynard Lake was September of 2002. This time the water level is quite a bit higher than 9 years ago. There are many reasons for […]

Maynard Lake – September 2002

Maynard Lake is the twin lake to Oat Hill Lake where I live. They are separated by a hill. Joffre Street is the top of the hill and Maynard Lake and Oat Hill Lake are on opposite sides of the […]

Transportation in Switzerland – 2002

June 2002 The ‘Smart’ Car Driving from the airport to my aunt’s house I noticed that most of the cars were much smaller than what I was used to from Canada. There was one particular car that caught my attention. […]

The Verzasca Valley – 2002

June 20/2002 Villages in the Verzasca Valley The village of Corippo at the end of the lake lies on the western side of the the valley and is only accessable by the foot bridge over the Verzasca river. Typical buildings, […]

The Verzasca Dam – 2002

June 20/2002 The lake of Vogorno is an artificial basin, whose waters are used for hydroelectric power plants. It extends from the Verzasca dam to the village of Corippo. The construction of the dam, owned by the Verzasca SA and […]