Knowing I did not need a big order of groceries, I had to decide what else we wanted to do on Saturday morning. That’s when I remembered that near the grocery store is a hiking trail that we had never explored because we did not realize that it even existed.

So join us on our excursion on the Russell Lake portion of the Portland Lakes Trail in Dartmouth, NS, Canada:

Portland Lakes Trail - Russell Lake
Portland Lakes Trail - Russell Lake

We parked the car in the Portland Street Superstore and walked a short distance to an entry of the trail. We decided to go West direction Baker Drive. We quickly realized that this is a paved trail, which makes it great for families with kids and people in wheel chairs. There are sections where you can get off the paved trail which is closer to the lake. The city did a fantastic job with this trail.
Portland Lakes Trail
Portland Lakes Trail - Superstore, Library and Lake

The squirrel was busy eating bird seeds that someone had put on the rock. It and the ducks must be so used to people that it didn’t run away.
Portland Lakes Trail - Squirrel and Ducks
Portland Lakes Trail - Squirrel & Ducks

Once we were at Baker Drive, I remembered that the Parkland at the Lakes seniors complex had a labyrinth. I have always wanted to walk it and now I had the opportunity.
Portland Lakes Trail - Labyrinth
Portland Lakes Trail - Labyrinth

After walking the labyrinth we walked the same way back this time facing East.
Portland Lakes Trail - Looking East
Portland Lakes Trail - Looking East

We will go and explore the other direction of the path towards Morris Lake some other time.


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