Lago Magiore from space
Lago Magiore from space
June 13/2002

We made it safe and sound to the Tessin, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The picture to the right was taken from space and shows Lago Maggiore (or Verbano), the lake where Locarno is located quite beautiful. The lake is the lowest point in Switzerland 193 m above sealevel, the lake is also 372 m deep. “It stretches for 65 km prevalently NNE-SSW from Magadino to Sesto Calende. Most of the lake lies in Italian territory, only the most northerly end (42 sq km) belongs to Switzerland.” Info from Lago Maggiore Net Site.

Minusio Post Office
Minusio Post Office
My mom lives right next to the post office in Minusio, a suburb of Locarno. On my first day there, I went for a walk in the neighbourhood with my camera.

The Tessin is on the southern side of the Alps and the climate is totally different than on the northern side. Warm weather plants grow very nicely here together with palm trees and lemon trees that bear fruit.

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  1. Most apartment buildings and houses have balconies that are used everyday. Here is where many people eat their meals.
  2. Another thing that I found surprising are the many fountains that I saw with drinkable water.
  3. A typical house, painted in warm colors.Many houses have pictures painted or carved on the walls or designs attached.
  4. The Tessin is a mainly Catholic Kanton and this shows by the subjects used in the designs. This design was attached to the house above on the left.
  5. The mainstreet leading into Locarno is typical of just about any modern street in the Tessin.
  6. A lot of the houses are not on the valley ground but on the hillside above. The view from there is just spectacular.

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