Exploring the Salt Marsh Trail – March 31, 2002

The rain has stopped and the temperature has risen to around 10°C, so we decide to go to the beach. What we did not take into consideration is the water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean and the wind off the water was very raw and cut down our time we were there. On top of it my fully charged camera suddenly showed empty and I could only take a few pictures.

Salt Marsh, Cole Harbour, NS

Salt Marsh, Cole Harbour, NS

The Salt Marsh has a provincial hiking trail that is around 6.5 km and is just behind ‘Rainbow Haven’ Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. We first went to the beach and on our way to the water we looked back towards the marsh and saw a hug flock of migrating Canada Geese taking a breather. On the hiking trail through the marsh I was struck by the lichens that were growing on the trees. I had never seen as many in one spot here in the Marititmes. I usually associate this with pictures I had seen from the Bayous of Louisianne. The 2 pictures of the shoreline turned out to look like postcards. We will go back to that marsh when the weather is warmer.

The Salt Marsh is on the other side of the bay from West Lawrence Town where I took some pictures last year.

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