June 2002

The Tessin is on the southern side of the Alps and the climate is totally different than on the northern side. Warm weather plants grow very nicely here together with palm trees and lemon trees that bear fruit.

I had fun comparing the plants that I knew from Canada with the strange and beautiful ones I saw here.

Plant and Flower Index

  1. This is a Spotted Laurel or ‘Acuba’ in Latin. It is also known as the gold dust plant. It gets white flowers in the spring and big red berries in the fall.
  2. This is a wild dogwood tree. It can also be found in a nursery in pink as well as white. The white is the wild variety, the pink is grafted. This is the tree Jesus was suppose to have been cruzified on. It was thereafter never to grow big enough to hold a man again, as the tale goes.
  3. This is a Jasmin hedge
  4. When I was a child we used to collect these and made garlands out of them. They look like miniature daisies. We called them ‘Margritli’ in Swiss German.
  5. Succulent on a neighbours balcony.
  6. Succulent plants grow wonderfully in this climate. This is a Houseleek (Sempervivum)
  7. This is an Oleander bush. They flower in many colors.
  8. This is an Oregon Grape Holly or ‘Mahonia’ in Latin.

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