Some Facts About Canada

I currently live in Canada. Here is some information about the country. Location: Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean, north of the conterminous US Geographic coordinates: 60 00 N, 95 00 W Area: 9,976,140 […]

Some Facts About Nova Scotia

I currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada and here are some facts about the province. Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland Area: 21,425 sq mi (55,491 sq km), located in Eastern Canada. The sea defines Nova Scotia. No matter […]

Some Facts About Switzerland

I grew up in Switzerland, here is some information about the country. Switzerland is also known as “Confoederatio Helvetica”, therefore the abbreviation CH. “Confoederatio” stands for “confederation”, “Helvetica” derives from the Latin word “Helvetier”, the name of the people who […]