Verzasca Dam
Verzasca Dam
June 20/2002

The lake of Vogorno is an artificial basin, whose waters are used for hydroelectric power plants. It extends from the Verzasca dam to the village of Corippo. The construction of the dam, owned by the Verzasca SA and based on a project prepared by the Lombardi and Gellera engineers of Locarno, which started in 1960, and was completed in 1965. The dam is one of the highest in Europe; from its 220 meters vertical drop it is even possible to bungee-jump from the dam all the way down to its base, just as James Bond did in the opening scene of the movie "Goldeneye". Access to the dam is possible by postal bus and by car. Parking is provided nearby and at the Info-Shop Valle Verzasca there are artefacts and souvenirs for sale, and snacks and beverages as well. You may also take a stroll or a bike-ride along the dam, which is 380 meters long. A beautiful view of the valley and Lake Maggiore below rewards every visitor.
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Below is the view of Lake Vogorno from the dam. The lake is 495 m above sea level. The level of the lake is down quite a bit. In 1987 when I was visiting Switzerland after strong rains the lake was full to the brim and the sluice gates had to be opened to release all that water just like in the picture to the right below.

Bungee-Jumping of the Verzasca Dam

Bungee Jumping off the Verzasca Dam
Bungee Jumping off the Verzasca Dam

“The prologue of the film Goldeneye, in which Pierce Brosnan made his debut as secret agent 007 alias James Bond, takes place in an unidentified area in the Russian mountains. Everyone knows though that the dam from which the heroic English agent jumps with an elastic cord on his feet is not lost in the middle of Asia, but rather in our region: it is the dam in Vogorno, situated at the beginning of the Verzasca Valley. The shoot for the great jump lasted two weeks and in the end the stuntman Wayne Michaels had the courage to jump from the height of 220m, breaking the world record for a jump with an elastic cord from the ground.” Information from

The jump off the Verzasca Dam (720 feet) takes about 7.5 seconds and is about as exreteme as it gets. Check out the links and pictures. Unfortunately, there was nobody bungee-jumping when we were there. The main season only starts in July.
For more info check out this site Trekking CH

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